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Election of the HUMAINE Association Executive Committee

The elections for the first Executive Committee of the newly founded HUMAINE Association are now open!
17 candidates compete for 15 places on the EC.
The candidates present themselves on the Candidate presentation page.
The election supervisor is Marc Schröder of DFKI GmbH.

The election closes on Thursday 13 September, 16:00 UTC.

Who can vote?

All individuals who are a Member of the HUMAINE Association on 12 September 2007 are allowed to vote. Online registration is available.

Why vote?

The candidates have indicated, in their presentation, what they would like to achieve when elected to the Executive Committee of the HUMAINE Association. Your votes give them the community support for their goals.

Also, the number of votes decides who will serve for how long on the Executive Committee:
  • the five candidates with the most votes will serve for 6 years;
  • the next five candidates will serve for 4 years;
  • and the next five candidates will serve for 2 years.
If there is a draw, all candidates concerned will serve for the smaller number of years. This unusual election scheme is needed in order to initialise the rotating membership scheme previewed in the Constitution: in the future, five new members will be elected every two years.

How to vote?

Each member has up to 15 votes. Maximally one vote can be given to any candidate, i.e. it is not possible to "strongly favour" a candidate by giving them several of your votes. Any ballot with more than 15 votes is invalid and will not be counted.

Practically speaking, two voting methods are available: paper and electronic.

  • If you come to ACII 2007, as a HUMAINE Association member you will receive a paper ballot, with which you will be able to cast your vote at the General Assembly of the HUMAINE Association on 13 September in Lisbon.
  • If you do not go to ACII 2007, you can vote online -- for details, see below.

Online vote

Paper ballots have priority -- only vote online if you are not going to attend the General Assembly.

Online voting is simple -- just send an email to the election supervisor (, containing the names of the candidates that you vote for. Here is the full list of candidates:

Nick Campbell
Ginevra Castellano
Roddy Cowie
Laurence Devillers
Jonathan Gratch
Kostas Karpouzis
James Lester
Jean-Claude Martin
Maja Pantic
Catherine Pelachaud
Paolo Petta
Helmut Prendinger
Dirk Reichardt
Fiorella de Rosis
Björn Schuller
Ian Sneddon
Jianhua Tao
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