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Election results

The results of the election to the first Executive committee were communicated to all members of the HUMAINE Association by email on the 14 September 2007. For completeness and ease of reference in the future, they are reproduced below.

Results of the election to the HUMAINE Association Executive Committee

Name            Votes    Election period
Roddy Cowie        50    6 years
Catherine Pelachaud    43   
Jonathan Gratch        38   
Paolo Petta        38
Nick Campbell        37    4 years
Jean-Claude Martin    37   
Jianhua Tao        36   
Fiorella de Rosis    35   
Helmut Prendinger    34   
Kostas Karpouzis    31
Laurence Devillers    30    2 years
Ginevra Castellano    29   
Maja Pantic        26   
James Lester        26   
Björn Schuller        24   

Ian Sneddon        21    (-)
Dirk Reichardt        14   
Some statistics:           
Electorate:    97    Members of the HUMAINE Association   
Votes        55    (46 paper ballots, 9 e-ballots)   
participation    57%       
invalid ballots    0       
The candidates on position 5 and 6 have the same number of votes – a draw.  The election procedure (published on the website and printed on the ballots) states: “If there is a draw, both candidates will serve for the smaller number of years.”  For this reason, there are four candidates elected for six years, and six candidates elected for four years.           
The election supervisor           
Marc Schröder, 14 September 2007           

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