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What is the HUMAINE Association?

The HUMAINE Association is a framework that allows people in the various disciplines concerned with affective/emotion oriented computing worldwide to act as a community (so that they know each other, they can welcome newcomers to the field, they can act together when they need to, and they can influence other groups); and to ensure that the community has a portal to act as an electronic meeting point, a conference (at least every two years), and a journal.

The HUMAINE Association has already begun. A task force has been working in cooperation with the ACII Conference Committee, and members of a group exploring ways to establish a journal. The constitution was signed at the HUMAINE plenary meeting in Paris, June 2007. It sets out the legal framework of the Association. Basic information is available to read on the HUMAINE portal ( ).

The Executive Committee

The constitution states that the business and affairs of the Association will be managed by the Executive Committee elected by its members. The constitution deliberately doesn’t bind members in great detail. It gives the executive committee power to decide in very broad limits what it will do.

The Election of the Executive Committee (EC) will take place at the ACII conference in Lisbon in September.

According to the constitution, the Executive Committee will consist of 15 elected members. They will manage the business affairs of the Association. Business will be carried out mainly through email, and decisions will be made by majority vote. Vacancies will be filled at a biennial election.

Normally 5 will be elected every 2 years, and each will serve for 6 years. Because the election in Lisbon is the first, it will follow a slightly different pattern:

  • 5 members will be elected for a period of 2 years

  • 5 members will be elected for a period of 4 years

  • 5 members will be elected for a period of 6 years

The EC will also elect the Management Board and the portal editor:

    • President (2yrs) – He/she will

      • Be responsible for coordinating the activities of the Management Board (MB)

      • Chair meetings of the EC and MB

      • Represent the Association in dealings with third parties

      • Perform duties prescribed by the EC

      • Assign duties to other EC members.

    • President-elect (2yrs) – He/she will

      • Succeed the President

      • Take over the duties of the President when he/she is not able to.

    • Secretary (2yrs) – The previous President will normally take on the role of Secretary He/she will

      • Prepare the annual report of activities and finance of the Association, and the budget for the next year

    • Portal Editor (6yrs)

      • The Portal editor does not necessarily have to be on the EC but must be a member of the Association.

      • He/she will appoint associate editors, and be responsible for financial report and budget for portal.


Membership is by subscription: 50€ for full membership; 15€ for student membership.

Membership of the Association will offer access to a continuing and developing portal:

  • For Individuals

    • One vote on any vote of the membership;

    • Space on the portal (home page; researcher profile; own references in bibliography);

    • Access to "premium content", e.g., databases, proceedings, etc.; news service by email.

  • For public awareness

    • Teaching materials and guidelines

    • Toolboxes

  • For "special interest groups”

    • Public or private folders

    • Mailing lists

    • Discussion forum/blog

  • For workshops/conferences

    • Hosting web presence

  • For research projects

    • Hosting web presence

Membership will offer other services, to be decided by the community. Possibilities that have been discussed include:

  • A code of practice

    • Including appropriate ethical guidelines

    • giving a degree of protection

  • A channel of communication

    • With industry, press, etc

  • A lobby

    • To government, EC, other bodies

  • A directory

    • Who’s who ...

  • An ‘academy’

    • including assurance of competence

  • Summer schools

  • Concessions at conferences

  • An online archive

  • Working papers

  • An ongoing handbook

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Constitution of the HUMAINE Association

The constitution is the legal basis of the HUMAINE association. It was signed on 5 June 2007 at the final plenary meeting of the HUMAINE Network of Excellence in Paris, France.

The constitution is now accessible online:

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Vote on New Constitution

The AAAC is voting to adopt a new constitution. Currently, the members of the Executive Committee can cast their vote.

Details regarding the new constition:


Vote on New Constitution put forward to all members

The Executive Committee of the AAAC has voted in favour of adopting a new constitution. Now all members can cast their vote.

Details regarding the new constitution:


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Vote on Amending the Constitution for Charitable Status put forward to all Members

The AAAC is in the process of officially gaining "Charitable Status" in the UK. In order to complete the process a small change to its constitution necessary. We ask all members to cast their vote for the change.

The minor change that is required is the inclusion of an explicit definition of Affective Computing as "the study and development of systems and devices that can recognise, interpret, process, and simulate human affects", see the draft for the resolution to be passed with this vote.
In case the change is approved, the treasurer will proceed to file the amended constitution as part of the application process to the Charity Commission of England and Wales.

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