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Foundations for modelling emotions in game characters: Modelling emotion effects on cognition

ACII 2009 MiniTutorial by Eva Hudlicka and Joost Broekens

Affective gaming has received much attention lately, as the gaming community recognizes the importance of affect in the development of more engaging games. Affect plays a key role in the user experience, both in games developed purely for entertainment purposes, and in ‘serious’ games developed for education, training, assessment, therapy or rehabilitation. Affective computing has much to contribute to affective gaming. The three core areas of affective computing provide methods and techniques directly relevant to game development:

  1. Emotion sensing and recognition by machines;
  2. Computational models of emotion; and
  3. Emotion effects such as facial expressions, behavior and decision making.

    The material presented in this tutorial should help the participants understand the relevance of the emotion in game design. The proposed tutorial will give a short overview of the roles of affect in gaming. It will provide a brief overview of relevant emotion research and focus on computational models of emotion for non-player characters. Practical guidelines for developing computational models of emotion for a game character will be discussed during the presentation.

    Online tutorial material will provide the necessary background to enable game designers to make informed choices regarding data, theories, techniques and methods for modeling emotions. The online material will also include program code free to use for the workshop participants so that they can experiment with actual computational models of emotion.

    The tutorial is appropriate for researchers and practitioners interested in integrating affective computing with game design and development.

    The slides can be found here ACII 2009 Tutorial on emotion modelling in game characters (slides)

    Additional information can be found at

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Posted by Paolo Petta at Thursday, 15 October 2009
This page serves to collect enquiries and comments, and generally to continue the discussion concerning the topic of the MiniTutorial presented at ACII 2009.
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