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Roddy Cowie
Roddy Cowie
Psychology QUB
Key research interests:

My interests centre on the perception of emotion as it happens in everyday action & interaction. Hence, I have long standing interests in acquiring data that show people in emotionally coloured activities (chatting, persuading, driving); in capturing the nature of the impressions that people form when they see and hear emotionally coloured behaviour; in processes that could derive such impressions from data; and in the issues of ethics and language that surround these. I have two main projects at the moment. One is technical, about reliable ways to capture people's impressions of emotion - with particular emphasis on ordinal representions (considering which state is more intense/positive/etc rather than how intense/positive/etc is it). The other is more philosophical - finding ways to feed what we know about emotion, and such things, into material that people can use understand themselves on a routine, everyday basis.

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