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These are my main contributions to emotion research:
File Spanish Expressive Voices: Corpus for Emotion Research in Spanish
A new emotional multimedia database has been recorded and aligned. The database comprises speech and video recordings of one actor and one actress simulating a neutral state and the Big Six emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear and disgust. Due to a careful design and its size (more than 100 minutes per emotion), the recorded database allows comprehensive studies on emotional speech synthesis, prosodic modelling, speech conversion, far-field speech recognition and speech and video-based emotion identification. The database has been automatically labelled for prosodic purposes (5% was manually revised). The whole database has been validated thorough objective and perceptual tests, achieving a validation score as high as 89%.
Link Web Page of Spanish Expressive Voices
SEV corpus has been developed for research purposes in the framework of my PhD at "Grupo de Tecnología del Habla". I am focused in emotion research. My main interest is emotional speech synthesis an automatic emotion identification. SEV corpus provides me the chance of the evaluation of emotion analysis, the design of emotion conversion algorithms and the implementation of expressive voices using several synthesis techniques (as diphone, unit selection or HMM based synthesis). Aditionally, other aspects of SEV, video or far field speech information, might be intereting for other research, like visual emotion detection, face tracking or speech adaptation algorithms to expressive speech in ASR.
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