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Nicole Novielli
Nicole Novielli
University of Bari - Dept of Informatics
Key research interests:

Recognition of affective and cognitive state from linguistic behavior

Current position
Nicole Novielli is an Assistant Professor at the University of Bari and member of the CDG, Collaborative Development Group at the Department of Informatics.

Research Interests
I am broadly interested in how to recognize and exploit affective and cognitive states in human-computer interaction and in computer supported cooperative work. In particular, I focus on interactions in natural language, which I study both in the human-human computer-mediated communication and in interaction with intelligent interfaces, such as Embodied Conversational Agents. More specifically, I work on: i) defining markup languages for corpora annotation, ii) Machine learning and classification methods; iii) natural language processing; iv) integrating recognition methods with cognitive modeling, based on probabilistic approaches v) empirical studies on human factors in computer science. 

Currently, I am working on the role of emotions in community-based Question & Answering and on sentiment analysis on Twitter. I have applied my research also to Ambient Intelligence and Ambient Assisted Living, Recommender Systems and E-Learning.

Current projects
Upcoming Events

Selected publications

=== Emotion Awareness in Software Engineering and Social Computing ===

=== Exploiting Affect Analysis for Dialogue Act Disambiguation ===


 === Sentiment Analysis and Affect in the Social Web ===


=== User’s Affect in Interaction with Embodied Conversational Agents ===


A full list of my publications is available on my webpage. 



Nicole Novielli

University of Bari Department of Informatics Via Orabona, 4
70126 - Bari, Italy
Phone: +39.080.544.32.61
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