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Joost Broekens

Joost Broekens received a MSc degree in Computer Science at the University of Delft, The Netherlands, in 2001. In 2007 he received his PhD in computer science at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands, in the area of computational modeling of emotion in relation to learning processes. He has developed the AffectButton, an easy to use reliable and valid affective self-report tool (labeling tool). This research included a total of 7 validation studies including over 700 subjects in different usage scenarios. He has published extensively on computational models of affective processes (appraisal based but also related to reinforcement learning and action selection). Furthermore he was one of the first to show that emotional feedback given to a reinforcement learning agent can indeed enhance the learning process when done in real time in a non-trivial task representation (e.g., continous states world). His most recent interests include combinations of affective computing and {reinforcement learning, human-robot and human-computer interaction, gaming research}, and the simplicification and verification of computational models of emotion.

Joost Broekens
Joost Broekens
Delft University of Technology
Key research interests:

Computational models of emotion generation, emotion theory, affective gaming, virtual characters, human computer interaction and affective interaction, emotion measurement/labeling

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