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Jonathan Gratch
Jonathan Gratch
University of Southern California
Key research interests:

NOW HIRING ( Our interest is in studying the processes underlying behavior that people interpret as emotional. What is the information processing that underlies this behavior, how is it physically and mentally manifested, what features of this behavior drives an observers interpretation, how might these interpretations influence the behavior of an observer, and, most importantly, how might these phenomena be captured and exploited by computational models.

My research is directed toward developing human-like software agents for virtual training environments. Specifically, I investigate how algorithms can control the behavior of characters in virtual worlds, endowing them with an ability to plan, engage in social interactions (with humans or other virtual characters), and exhibit some measure of personality and emotion. A goal of the research is to create a general and domain-independent architecture that supports human behavioral modeling and which can then be "embodied" in a variety of virtual environments.

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