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Guillaume Chanel

I am interested by emotion recognition from peripheral and central physiological signals (EEG, EMG, respiration, heart rate, blood volume / pressure, etc.). This research is oriented toward the improvement of game players experience and social interaction. Examples of research questions can be: what are the emotional states of interest for emotional adaptive gaming ? what are the game features to modify based on players' emotional information in order to improve player experience ? is there physiological markers of social interaction ? how can social physiological markers be used for interaction improvement ? can emotionally augmented interaction improve collaborative work ? I am working jointly with the Center for Affective Sciences, the CVML (Computer Vision and Multimedia Laboratory) and the TECFA (Technologies for Learning and Teaching unit).

Guillaume Chanel
Guillaume Chanel
Key research interests:

Emotion recognition, Physiological signals, Social interaction, Affective gaming, Implicit tagging.

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